Hillbilly Krak Sawse "The Original BBQ Sauce"
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Hillbilly Krak Sawse Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products,we offer,are from trusted brands..We provide a variety of products for you to enjoy!! Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are here because you are here. Thank you for your support. You can order our products on the "Contact Us for our Krak Sawse" page. Enjoy!!!!
HillDilly Sweet Heat Pickles     16 0z. $6.00 ea

They are a sweet heat pickle.They have been described as bread and butter with an attitude. Eat with hamburgers,BBQ chicken, ribs, pulled pork, sub-sandwiches, all kinds of good food. Use the pickles and juice in chicken or turkey salad. Use the juice with olive oil to make a vinaigrette for your salads.
All Natural Krak Rub              5oz. $6.00 ea
We use mostly the dry ingredients of our Krak Sawse with a couple other surprises thrown in to bring out more flavors! Use it for all your grilling or smoking meats. It is good on grilled and baked veggies as well as home made fries. It is all natural!      

All Natural Chipotle Krak Rub      5 oz. $6.00 ea
Our all NATURAL famous Krak Rub using chipotle chillies. They have a smoky goodness because they are smoked over real wood. Use it on all your meats,even fish. Use a lite dusting on fish like salt and pepper because fish has a delicate flavor and you don't want to over power it.

Habanero Sweet Heat Pickles    16oz $6.00ea.
For those of you who love the heat, these Habanero pickles are for you.They go well with all your foods and even chopped up in your homemade tuna and chicken salads!  Stuffed eggs and of course with all your BBQ meats!! 
​NEW All Natural! Mustard Butt Rub 5 oz. $6.00 ea
All natural pork butt rub. Apply apple cider vinegar to the butt and then rub liberally with the mustard butt rub. Place in the fridge at least 4 hours before smoking. Preferably over night if possible. (we used it on chicken cause we don't eat pork) Ingredients: Fennel,brown mustard,coriander,cumin,black peppercorn,thyme,dry mustard,ginger,sea salt,sugar, and other spices.